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First Week Ideas

Posted: August 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

#MTBoSBlaugust – Day 3

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I spent the last two days participating in the 2016 SEMI High Tech U – Teacher Edition.

SEMI High Tech U Teacher Edition gives classroom educators the unique opportunity to have a two-day, hands-on learning experience about microelectronics and the alternative energy industry. It provides practical applications of math, science and technology for classroom instruction and curriculum. Modules are taught by industry professionals who volunteer their time and present research-based curriculum.

We started with a survey about our knowledge of nanotechnology (mine was nonexistent!) and a personality skills assessment. Out of six different traits, I scored highly in three of them, and almost not at all in the other three. The definitions, for many of us, were spot on. After breaking us into groups according to our most dominant trait, we completed a jigsaw. As I thought about the activity, I wondered how I could use this in my classroom. How helpful would it be to know our students’ dominant traits? Think about it. We could group them homogeneously by trait, with each group assigned a task best suited to their personalities. Even better, we could assign them heterogeneously, using their traits to create groups with a solid mix which should create some great collaboration and discussions. An understanding of their personalities will give students insights into strengths and ideas for future careers. This just seems like a win-win all the way around and is definitely being added to my list of things to do that first week of school. Interested in trying this in your classroom? The program facilitators agreed to let me share their materials with you! Find the assessment here and the trait descriptions here. In case you were wondering, my top three were investigative, conventional and enterprising in that order. My abysmal scores for artistic, realistic and social confirmed that I am a non-athletic, not very creative introvert; which, as anyone who knows me will agree, is a pretty apt description! Take the test and see where you fall. I’d love to hear your results. Are they as accurate as mine?